Naresh VV Intellect Design Arena Vice President

We have demonstrated our retailing 360 solutions among a lot of retailers in Southeast Asia, it is a great opportunity to get us exposed to the market as a solutions provider and to connect with potential buyers

AkkashaSultan Microsoft Dynamics 360 Lead APAC

It's very exciting and encouraging to see 300+ delegates and Microsoft being one of the sponsors. It was great to see the energy and trying to understand the local trends and what is on top of mind of retailers. We're at the brink of industry revolution, and retailers need to think out loud about how to serve their customers better. We've talked about customer experiences, empowering employees, retail operations and optimizations and they way to transform its products. It was an eye opener that the customers are looking at digital channels as part of its strategy, and we love to make sure they use technology to maintain their advantages.

Eddie Kim LG B2B Department

Escom has been continuously doing a great job on conference arrangement, they have arranged a lot of meetings with our potential clients and partners and we effectively introduced LG solutions.

Karen Cvornyek President and Managing Principal, B+H Architects Asia

Very pleased to be here. The conversation was very exciting and it touched upon a lot of things that we are thinking about in our design work. The world is changing, retail is changing, consumers are changing, so we need to change ourselves and reinvent in future of retail environment, that's is what we are thinking right now, what is the future of a retail malls and we have a lot of ideas.

Shaji Thekkayil Shaaz-UAE

Flied 8 hours to attend

this summit, really

works and informative,

planned to leave

afternoon but stayed

till end!!! Will attend

next one!

Astrid Vanier BOLLORE Logistics

Amazing organization

team, well done! A

good opportunity to

meet diversified retail

operators and share

about our mutual key


Le Van Vinh ACS Corporation

Great event organizer,

reaching to align

expectation and provide

assistance in any manners

Johnny Lim

In general we are very happy about this event, very inspiring keynotes, good line up of different type of retailers. Say it here. Look forward to see you again soon!

Vahudin Amar, BOE Asia

The Event Was a Great Learning Experiences, it touched upon many interest topics such as Omni Channel Strateges and Digitalization and it was attended by many many recognized Indonesia Retail Sector Leaders and Decision Makers. Thannk you and we defintely are looking forward to be part of this event Again!